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5 practices for a healthier home to work life transition

5 practices for a healthier home to work life transition

And how those practices support a better life and work flow

We have seen and read the many ways bringing work into the home can make for an unhealthy lifestyle. Although I agree, I also feel that we shouldn’t neglect the habits we have in our home life and that those in home habits, ultimately increase or decrease our performance in the workplace.

Whether you’re a work from home entrepreneur, in the corporate world, service industry, network marketing, or have the honor of raising little humans full time, it’s true for us all. From the moment our feet hit the floor in the morning hours, till the sun goes down, we ultimately decide how much energy we are willing to generate and where that energy goes. You see, the most important decisions we will make, come before we are even “on the clock”.

Here are 5 tips for a healthier home to work life transitions:

1.) Set an intention on your commute: First and foremost, this is your time to switch on. Whether you forgot your coffee at home, can’t stop yawning from lack of sleep or just feel “off” today, the time between home and work is vital. Maybe you have an important meeting, a jam packed schedule or a “normal” day ahead of you, this is your time to get into the right head space. Listening to an uplifting podcast, ( some of my favorites are RISE Podcast with Rachel Hollis, On Purpose with Jay Shetty and The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes, to name a few ), turning up the music that motivates an enthusiastic day also helps, but the most effective way to set the tone for the day is by giving yourself a moment of quiet, where you set an intention before stepping into your space of work, even if that space is in a different room of your very home.

2.) Plan the night before: Doing this one thing, honestly next leveled my productivity and focus for the day. Blocking out all the times in which you will do all the things, means that you’re no long living a reactive life. Although this takes discipline and requires daily practice, it really comes full circle, making your home life much easier by planning the day ahead, thus carrying positively into your work life.

3.) Have a 3rd space: A third space is a social surrounding that is separate from the other two most common and usual places we spend our time, which is work and home. A study done with Deakin University showed that when 250 business owners in a variety of different fields, lacked work home balance and practiced these principles between work, home and their third space, they saw a remarkable 41% improvement in their behavior.

The idea is simple but sometimes difficult. You’re supposed to Reflect. Rest. Reset. This concept focuses not on what we do, but what we do in between what we do, that matters.

4.) Practice open communication – How can we possibly focus at work, if we are still tip toeing around the conversations we have yet to have with our significant other, children, friends, family, co-workers? Open communications starts in the home. If you aren’t willing to have a conversation with the people who’s lives affect you most, how will those practices influence your communication at work. Here are a few ways to rethink the way you communicate in your home and work life, and some tips to help open that line of communication.

- Create a safe environment for open communication

- Encourage honest and open dialogue

- Listen without interruption

- Criticize constructively, not destructively

- Practice self-awareness

“ Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity “.

-Nat Turner-

5.) Give up on the illusion of everything being perfect- It’s a fact, life isn’t perfect. So why do we become enslaved into the darkness of perfectionism in the home or workplace?

It’s time to give up on the illusion of anything being perfect. Even if you’re already thinking of how to practice the other 4 tips listed above, please don’t give up if you find yourself struggling. These tools and ideas are not here to set you up for failure, because you shouldn’t expect yourself to acquire new knowledge or ideas and switch it all in one day, or even 4 months. What I am saying however, is try one or all five of these tips and see how they can fit into your life to set yourself up for growth in your home life and work life.

No, you won’t feel like doing most of these things daily. It’s like saying, “ I love waking up at 5am to fit in my workout, 5 days a week, every single week”, said no one ever. What someone who is looking to stay healthy and physically fit does do, however, is push themselves to consistently show up, even when it’s not easy.

That’s what I suggest here. If you feel one of these things will help you be a better you and increase your human performance, then it’s worth trying again and again. No matter how wonderful your home or work life is right now, you are soon to see a new season and that’s when these practices matter most. For those just coming off of a stormy season, I’m sure you’ll be happy to see that change of pace.

Just remember that no matter what season of life you’re in, building a growth mindset with positive habits in home and at work, it effects the livelihood of your entire life. I hope these tips help you in some way and thank you for being open enough to stay till the end of this!

All the best,

Amber Ybarra

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