• Amber Ybarra


I didn't want to wake up early this morning.

It's not that I was sad or felt like I had nothing to do, I actually had a full calendar of ways to be creative during this quarantine time, but last night while writing my daily goal list for today, I just told myself, sleep in. I had the bullet points listed of what I knew I wanted to do, I just felt compelled to let my body rest for as long as it wanted to.

As a single woman, running a business with a 5 month old pup, the only other person in my house hold as of now is my younger brother. We ( my parents and I ), flew him in to be close to family during this pandemic. Whilst my mom and dad are feeling ill, I've gladly and frustratingly, taken it upon myself to care for him. Now, before you get too uptight, I say frustratingly because as any ambivert who's leaning more on the introvert side, who's also used to living alone. As for how all of you extroverts are doing... I feel for you.

On another note, while my heart goes out to everyone, It dawned on me how extremely shifted all of our worlds have become in the last week.

Now, while I am an advocate for a positive mindset and practice this daily, I would be lying if I didn't say I felt a bit shaken. So, in honor pushing yourself to feel as normal as possible during these times, to truly fall into faith and just know that all will be okay; eventually and to support those who at least want to try and make the absolute best out of these uncertain times, I've come up 5 ways to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK.

Being Leaders in our lives is something we should practice regularly, but especially during a time of global chaos, shock and uncertainty. Today, is just as good as any to start or push yourself to continue some positive habits and mental shifts to help the quality of your daily life.

Here are some things I practice and have also read about in recent articles that I've thought about and collectively wanted to share what it boils down to in terms of keeping a positive and healthy outlook.


In a time where the news may want to keep us up panicked all night, or maybe the stress has us overwhelmed and we want to just escape in binge watching 15 episodes of the latest and greatest, please don't forget the importance of sleep. Sleep is vital to building your immune system up and replenishing the body of all it's goodness, ( see how I skipped over any major medical terms there ). Look, I'm not a doctor or certified psychologist. I have however ready many books, studied many articles and have enough common sense to realize, this whole "sleep" thing, is not something we want to disrupt to live a healthy life.


Ya'll, aside from sticking to your moral compass and values, there is no right way to be doing this. Stop beating yourself up for not being the #1 home schooling mom when you're not a teacher, stop feeling guilty for being annoyed at how you just can't seem to get on a routine when a freakin' Pandemic just threw it off and stop feeling like you have to conquer the world during this time of quarantine, with no idea of how long it will last in the first place.

We are all in this together. We are literally 6 degrees of separation and I swear I you are not alone in being affected by the effects of this virus.

With that said, on the flip side, Sleep in if you must. Reassess life, spend all the time with your kids, walk outdoors, write the blog, don't write the blog, cook more, support local restaurants.

There is no right or wrong way!! Do what you feel called to but please do it all in kindness to one another. We are all feeling the changes.


I promise I am not just preaching it. I am walking my talk. If you do just one thing, do this! Having a routine for yourself and/or family will make all the difference in feeling safe, living as close to a normal life as possible and will spread a sense of comfort. I've not only read about the positive ways this can manifest in your life to help your mindset during a time of crisis, but I'm pushing my own self to do so and it has truly helped. ( Want to know what my normal schedule is during this time of quarantine, check out my next blog post ).


Like it or not, we are being forced to connect with each other in our personal lives and business lives in a very different way. From companies moving all meeting online to peoples Birthday's and down time being experienced through watch parties and virtual. As much as I'm 100% not a guru with the wonderful world of the internet, or AI or even Tik-Tok, I have noticed how social distancing is making us grow together, apart.

Most importantly, as I've been a B2C business owner for 6 years, starting a business online has truly been the forefront of my focus during this time. Now more than ever, people are understanding how powerful an online presence --> business can be. Not that we would hit two back to back Pandemics in a row, please no, but with the way the world is moving now, what would it hurt to develop your side hustle online now.


Last but not least, TAKE YOUR POWER BACK. Focus on what you can control, ( like the points above ) and put your energy into that. While I agree there are so many things that could go wrong in life, this could also be true without a Pandemic. Don't get me wrong, I understand the magnitude of the affects in peoples lives. I have a high risk dad with stage 4 cancer whom I pray for and speak to everyday, I have a mom who I haven't seen the last week because she felt ill and decided to self quarantine, I have friends losing jobs, I have a company I need to run to survive. So, by no means would I suggest this is all easy. What I am saying is, falling apart now... relying on toxic mechanisms now... not encouraging strength within your family now... it could mean the difference in completely falling apart or awakening the strength you know you have to get through this and flourish. So, TAKE YOUR POWER BACK and set an example of leadership in your life.

Wishing everyone strength and love,


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