• Amber Ybarra

Honor the Struggle

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

This moment was FIRE!!!! I was able to give a testimonial about the event I had attended in the middle of this year, ( 2018 ). I was able to share how amazing it was to partake in Brendon Burchards High Performance Habits, Summit.

I'm not sure how to describe it all yet, really...

I'm not sure what the best parts were, as I was able to go with one of my newest best friends, amazing Human, Entrepreneur & International Model, Tasha Minter.

I flew solo, we stayed in an amazing Airbnb, I met people that 8months later, I still keep in contact with and it was during this event that my mind opened up even more and I was able to implement all that I learned while we sat in 4 glorious days of what I call, "speed learning".

It was more than just growth in business.

It was here and every event before and after, that I created community.

That's what it's all about.

The connectedness, the friendships created and brainstorming with others who are also in the world of building their businesses, brands or even taking the first step to doing those things.

You'll never understand the Magic created and carried on, until you participate and just do it!!

That's what inspired me to create my workshops and events.

I could only hope and imagine the friendships, bonds and memorable experiences everyone; including myself, will have.

All the Love,


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