• Amber Ybarra

Model & Talent Expo

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

I was 16 years old when I attended my first MB Expo. Before thoughts of modeling and acting was my love for music and creating. Although I never let go of that, It was my music that introduced me to a person that saw potential in me took me under her wing and became the guidance I would need to step into the #modeling #acting #world.

The first day I went to practice, It was a strange feeling... What could I bring to the stage?

Suddenly, I found myself discovering a part of belongingness. I loved the lights, my environment, the people I met every single day.... It was a very special time in my life. It was those friendships that turned into a community, family and gateway to traveling the World and feeling/being ( nearly ) Fearless while doing so.

Past my Area Code:

This was my chance to discover the world. To connect with people outside of my small home town in South Texas. I always had the desire to explore the world. This was my start.

Mentors & Guidance is Underrated

Have you ever looked at a person and wondered... " Wow, if you never introduced me to this, where would I be"? Yes, a certain amount of serendipity, luck, fait, faith plays into it... but truly, It's a combination of taking action on your desire to go out and discover the unknown... to get yourself in that Space to meet new people. As they say, " You are one person away, from a completely different life". That was Lari Nelson for me. She became my mentor, my "Mother in the Business". If you don't have one... start looking!

Guidance and Mentors do Not Replace HARD WORK

Dad: " You can't leave until you finish school". So, I did... in 3 years of high school I crammed Freshman-Senior Year+ 1 years worth of college in.

They asked if I'd miss graduating with my original class?

Or maybe, I'm growing up too fast?

Maybe I was, but at that moment... I hadn't been more sure of anything in my life.

As fait has it, that was the first year they introduced a new school system that enabled me to graduate during my Junior year of high school, as long as I had good grades. To say it wasn't is an understatement.... I worked hard. I graduated with great grades and on that day, my car was packed!!

***Watch for people who offer guidance, provide opportunity and inspire you! Most importantly , allow yourself to dream bigger and take action on those opportunities!! ***

Get Inspired

Okay guys, there's just too much on my mind to lay it all on one blog :)

I hope you enjoyed this, your feedback is appreciated and also feel free to ask any questions!

More blogs on the modeling and acting world, coming soon.

Along with all things "Journey" & "Life".

Now go out there, get Inspired & Take ACTION!!

All the Love,


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