• Amber Ybarra

The Thrill of Travel

I look back at the last few months, so grateful with all of the safe travel I've had. Last month in October, I was not only in 5 different states within the USA, I was able to meet, speak with and even go on a morning run with, some of the top influencers of our generation!!

Ill be sharing more in another blog, writing more about the impact that the Summit of Greatness and Growth Summit had on me, but most importantly I wanted to encourage you all to travel more often.

98% of my travel is by myself.

For those of you that do travel and travel in groups, you know how amazing, fun and yet difficult in can be to do things like arrange things to fit everyone's schedules etc... It's Wonderful to travel with others. But to travel alone, it's this feeling of Excitement, Adventure, a pinch of ( good ) fear and wanderlust.

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