About Amber & her Mission

Believe in yourself and you will be unstopable

Amber Ybarra is an American Author, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host and Motivational Speaker. From former Elite signed model turned role model, Amber has founded The Positive Platform. Through this, she helps other entrepreneurs & creatives reinvent themselves through high performance & high confidence strategies for lasting change and growth in both lifestyle and business.

Amber has owned a construction company for 7 years and has been on her coaching journey for 3 years now.  She, knows what it is like to need a change. To not live into her best self, doing something that light her heart on fire, so she searched people, places, strategies and insights to help guide her through her inner change.  This inner change, took her to the next level of happiness, success and her now career as an author, podcast host and coach.

Amber looks forward to being part of your journey, to help you, bring out the best in yourself to live a more fulfilling life. 

With Gratitude.